Rock Climbing / Escalada de Roca $50

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Boquete Rock Climbing

We want you to learn and belay your partner, to make new friends who you can go to the rock with, understand the risks and to practice it in a safe environment, look out for your friends, support and create relationship based on trust, and enjoy a good time in nature climbing and improving your physical and mental condition.

Christian Schiefer is our professional rock climber, since people started climbing in Boquete, Christian taught people from all around the world to climb. Today, as leader of Boquete Rock Climbing School, Christian wants to share what climbing and slacklining have given to him. His vision is to increase the climbing scene in Boquete, including everybody who want to experience this sport. It doesn’t matter the age, gender, physical condition or experience in climbing, everybody is welcome to come to the rock, try to climb and enjoy an outdoor day. For him it’s very important to protect the sport, practicing in a safe and fun way.


  • Starts: At Panamá Pathfinders Office or Pick up if needed at your location.
  • Schedule: 9:00 or 14:00.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Difficulty: 3-10/10.
  • Capacity: 4 people  (groups over 4 should book 48 hours in advance).
  • Price: $45.00 (Discounts apply for groups over 7 people).
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